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I Love My Dog, But…

Posted in Family Updates

I love the commercial for Swiffer projects that shows a little white dog named Lulu whose hair practically floats the owner says. It is all over the house and under the chairs and the sofa. It is thick as dust. The owner discovers that cleaning it up just takes a wet mop that suddenly arrived at the front door sent by Swiffer. Don’t we all relate to this scenario? So many of our dogs shed volumes of hair no matter how much we brush them on a regular basis. Many breeds shed and you might want to explore what kinds are the worst. A dog is man’s best friend but he requires a lot of care and effort. If you want a clean house, don’t get one who sheds like my pet husky. He is my constant companion. I love him dearly but there is a price to pay. Part of the price is a new vacuum cleaner that is light weight and portable enough to carry around to get all the hair in nooks, crannies, and corners. And believe me, like the TV commercial, the hair goes everywhere.

A dog may be man’s best friend, but the vacuum is my home’s best friend right now, more than my new electric grill. The housekeeper can stop complaining now that I have a vacuum for pet hair to resolve the biggest problem she was always moaning about. What do people do who have more than one dog? The hair gets on shelves and the surface of the furniture. It takes constant dusting or it stays visible. You could write your name in it. But the bulk of it is on the floor where the vacuum part of the process comes into play. I can easily switch attachments so I can go from wood floor to tile in seconds. The carpet also needs a once over even though the pet hair doesn’t show as much there. But trust me, it is.

Pet hair is all part of owning an indoor dog or even a cat. While most animals like to be outside all the time and love long walks, they also want to be your companion when you are home. Some get so excited at your arrival that they roll around on the nice clean floor. You put up with it. It’s your beloved pet and you missed him, too. A good vacuum saves the day. You don’t have to get the most expensive and elaborate model, just one powerful enough to suck up the hair. You probably will have to empty the bag or the inside of the machine quite often so the pet hair doesn’t not over accumulate and spill out re-soiling the floor. Okay, as I said, it takes work. Who would get rid of a pet they adored just because they had to vacuum a couple times a week. You can do it in a jiffy—ten minutes tops.