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Family Reunion

Posted in Family Updates

I love being in charge of the family history website. It is part of my love and fascination for genealogy and related research. I welcomed being assigned this role. I have constructed an extensive family tree that includes extended family on all sides. There is always some event going on that has to be chronicled and I do it willingly. I try to be in the middle of family activity and to get to include everyone as they can. All people in my circle like to check out the website for the descriptions and photos that also appear on Instagram and Facebook. I want to be comprehensive. I get suggestions now and then and follow them to the letter. This means that people are participating and reading my posts. I am about to write a new one. It will follow the next family reunion, which will take place in a few days and is expected to be a blowout with at least fifty people in attendance.

The reunion is at my house and the challenge for me now is how to entertain all the kids. There are quite a few and they don’t like to sit idly while the adults chat amongst themselves. I have to think about this. I could have games or they can play ball. That is not very original. I could hire some kind of person for entertainment such as someone who makes balloon animals. I like that idea and I think it will stick, but I need more. I started emailing friends and got some suggestions in no time flat. One said a sure bet is a bounce house for the kids. Kids never tire of jumping around inside amid all the small balls that cover them. I was so relieved to have a solution to my quest. My job now was to find a rental company that had the lowest price. These are not cheap if the bounce house is large and that is what I wanted.

There are many local vendors so all I had to do was pick a theme. Not all of them stocked the most popular houses. There was a long waiting list for castles, spooky houses, and cartoon themes. Most kids don’t care as long as they can play, but I decided to take a survey from their parents to see what would work best. Just go with the cheapest they all said. Why worry about securing a particular house. Okay, that was fine with me. The day of the reunion the bounce house made its appearance an hour before the guests arrived. It was a colorful construction with no particular decoration. It had the requisite ball floor. It could accommodate many kids at one time. Immediately upon spying the bounce house, the kids went for it. It was a hit and became the focal point of the reunion party for the younger generation. You bet that I took a lot of photos to document the fun.