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Creating a Good Home Workspace

Posted in History

I love to do genealogical research and have created a home office for such a purpose along with all the other online projects I undertake. I like privacy and quiet while I work and great natural lighting. When I work during the day, the bright sun shines through the window and stimulates my mind. At night I have a floor lamp near my computer station and there is also an overhead fixture with a dimmer if that isn’t enough. I had given great thought to what I needed and where it was to go. The printer needed da stand and I desired shelves for storage. My desk has drawers for software and odds and ends. I have a container filled with pens and pencils so they are always within reach. What lacks is a touch of luxury. If I want something to eat or drink, I have to get up and go to the kitchen and raid the fridge.

So I decided to refashion my home office and make the workspace more comfortable. One of the big requirements was having the printer within closer reach. All the mistakes I made with the first workspace were going to be corrected. A big plus was to add a beer fridge so a cool brew would be readily on hand when I needed it. When you are deep into research, it is wonderful to sit back, take a break, and relax. The fridge was an inspiration I got from visiting the man cave of a friend. We were watching football and all of a sudden I had a beer in my hand. Now that is luxury and this is what my room needed. You don’t even have to have guests to merit a beer fridge. It can be just for you. Why not make life a bit more comfortable and enjoyable, especially when you are active doing something you are accustomed to doing.

The beer fridge is not huge and it fits nicely in a corner of the closet where I had cleared out some space by moving some storage boxes to the garage. It holds plenty of beer so I don’t often refill it. How many people have such an item in their home office? I venture to guess not too many. Now I am ready to say that my remodeling project is complete. I have everything I want. I reconfigured the location of the computer and printer and made storage items on the shelves above easier to reach. It is a room of convenience and functionality. Now I can go back to my genealogy and find out more interesting facts about my family’s history. They all love the information and gobble up every detail and photo I find. I am compiling the history so it is in a form easy for people to consume. It is my number one favorite pastime and no doubt will remain as such for some time. Once I got started, I was hooked.