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Month: October 2016

Sick of Feeling Sick

Posted in Family Updates

If you have your health, you have everything, or so the saying goes. It means more to you than all the money in the world and most people would trade their riches for feeling good, especially if they have some sort of ailment. It takes on a toll on the psyche to always be feeling sick. You, in effect, get sick of it. You look for medical solutions and visit multiple physicians in search of the Holy Grail of allergy remedies, for example. Allergies are persistent and hard to combat. Not all over the counter medications work, and those what do make you feel sleepy. Allergy sufferers, you know of what I speak. We are all in the same boat. We search the Internet for that miracle cure and it turns out to be some sort of bogus pill or vitamin. I feel bad at certain times of the year when the weather wreaks havoc on my allergies.

I got so desperate that I joined an allergy support group. People meet and divulge their particular problems and what solutions they adopt. If nothing else, we give each other moral support about all the watery itchy eyes, the sneezing and stuffed up nose. Oh, if only we could breathe a deep breath. How marvelous that would be. At one meeting, a doctor attended to give a lecture since he was a specialist. He suggested a humidifier for allergies that we could add to all our other remedies. He has read studies and talked with patients and the evidence shows that these humidifiers do help. He brought some literature with him and passed it out. He also had made contact with a vendor who would sell the proper recommended humidifier to members of the group for a discount. All we had to do was to offer a testimonial for public advertising if they worked.

After the humidifiers had been given out, we all used them for an agreed upon month. We then met again and compared notes. Everyone agreed enthusiastically about the efficacy of the appliance when used along with normal allergy medication. When you have allergies you have to purify the air in your home and keep it sparkling clean and free from allergens and pollutants. The humidifier adds moisture to line the nasal and throat passages to make you feel more comfortable when you are having an attack. We wrote a thank you note to the vendor and each one added a heartfelt testimonial that he could use to show prospective clients. As for the doctor, he was so grateful that he agreed to keep pamphlets in his office for other patients.

It is clear that it takes several solutions combined to help everyone with allergies because they are often of a different kind. Ask your doctor and your pharmacist what they recommend among the many products found on the store shelves. Then get the best home humidifier and set it up in your bedroom.

Newly-Found Family

Posted in Family Updates

My passion for genealogy has led me to find new relatives I had never met before. This is one of the great benefits of the research. There are always some surprises. It is one of those on-going never ending projects you can pursue for life. Thanks to the Internet, you have ample resources. You have to be persistent and inquisitive and use every clue you get as a lead. Each one takes you to a new place. The new family I uncovered resided in the country and they invited us for a visit. We were eager to go in spite of the distance. When we got together at last, we shared our lives up to the present and everyone added a new fact to the family history. It was a great day. Since they lived in a rural area, their pastime was hunting in the nearby wilderness. A couple of cousins suggested a trip the next day so we all could spend time and get to know each other better. They wanted to show us their gun collection. They had a gun safe that they opened so we could see our weapon options for the next day. I noticed that it used a biometric fingerprint lock. I had not seen one before. My cousin John said that was the best way to keep young children and would-be intruders safe. There are way too many gun accidents in the home. The gun safe had an internal removable 12 position rack, a silent access mode feature, and was made of black power coated steel—heavy duty indeed. I made note of these features in case I ever wanted to recommend a biometric gun safe to anyone who enjoyed hunting. My family seemed to be experts so I could rely on their choice. It was all in all going to be a very new experience

John said you can keep items stored securely and quickly accessible with a scan of your fingerprint. He loved the removable storage shelves for organizing items. Pre-drilled holes on the back and bottom of the safe let you bolt it securely to a wall or floor using the included hardware. As for the biometric lock system as opposed to a key or a keypad using a code, this was an easy to use system allows you to register fingerprints in seconds.

We thoroughly enjoyed our outing and I learned as much about guns as I did about the safe. Better yet, my newly-found cousins were great companions. It is just like the saying: long lost relatives. We vowed to make a hunting trip an annual event for those who chose to participate. Not everyone is into hunting, but these folks are passionate about it. They love walking about in the woods and the wilds. They had permitted hunting grounds not far from their home. We took their Jeep and loaded it with an assortment of rifles. I was given all the proper instructions prior to usage.